The gas you put in your car may no longer be safe for your Troy-Bilt® outdoor power equipment.

With more fuel choices for consumers than ever before, check to make sure you put the right fuel in the right engine product or automobile.

From the Outdoor Power Equipment Institue

  • What is E15?

    Most fuel that's sold at gas stations contains less than 10% ethanol (E10).  Recently, gas stations have been selling gasoline with more than 10% ethanol - such as E15 or E85.  Most outdoor power equipment hasn't been designed to use these higher ethanol blends.  These types of gasolines are harmful to small engines and can damage outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers, snow throwers, string trimmers and lawn edgers.

  • Look before you pump!

    Start looking today!  The same fuel you put in your car may not be the same fuel meant for your outdoor power equipment.  Check the ethanol content at the fuel pump before dispensing gasoline.  In the past, you were physically kept from using the wrong fuel - you had to use a different pump for diesel, for example.  Now it's possible for one pump to dispense various types of ethanol fuel blends.  Always check to make sure you are putting the right fuel in the right product.

  • Fuel education is important

    Your Troy-Bilt® equipment has been made to run on fuel containing no more than 10% ethanol, and using the wrong gasoline can ruin your equipment.  It's important to properly fuel your engines, and by understanding how the quality of fuel can affect your equipment, you can have the best performance and a long engine life.

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