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Flurry™ 1400 Electric Snow Thrower Flurry™ 1400 Electric Snow Thrower

The Flurry™ 1400 is a compact, electric start snow thrower ideal for clearing smaller driveways during lighter snowfalls. Designed with features that make it easy to operate, including a dependable push-button electric start, this single-stage electric snow thrower offers a lasting run time and legendary Troy-Bilt® durability.
Price: $179.99

Squall™ 210 Snow Thrower Squall™ 210 Snow Thrower

The Squall 210 snow thrower features a mitten grip start for its 123cc OHV Troy-Bilt® engine. The gull wing handle makes this light weight single-stage snow thrower maneuverable and easy to operate.
Price: $359.99


The latest addition to the top-rated line of Troy-Bilt snow throwers, the FLEX™ Snow Thrower meets the performance you have come to expect from Troy-Bilt. This two-stage, steel-bodied thrower boasts a 26-inch clearing width with four 12-inch X-treme Auger flights to cut through the heaviest, wettest snow barriers.
Price: $399.99

Squall™ 2100 Snow Thrower Squall™ 2100 Snow Thrower

We've packed a surprising amount of snow-clearing capacity into the compact, easy-to-handle Squall 2100 snow thrower. Our Squall single-stage snow thrower features a reliable 4-cycle engine (no more mixing oil and gas!) and push-button electric start for easy, no-hassle operation.
Price: $499.99

Storm™ 2410 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2410 Snow Thrower

When the forecast calls for a foot or more, count on this two-stage snow thrower to pull through. Quick starting and easy to operate, the two-stage Storm 2410 snow thrower will cut into drifts with its 21" intake height and steadily clear the way, 24" at a time until the job is done.
Price: $599.99

Storm™ 2420 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2420 Snow Thrower

NEW for 2014-15!  The Storm 2420 two-stage snow thrower from Troy-Bilt combines solid engineering and high-quality components with strict attention to detail.  This two-stage snow thrower comes equipped with a reliable 208cc* Troy-Bilt engine, 13" X-Trac™ tires and an extended, clog resistant polymer discharge chute that propels snow farther away from you before the wind can catch it.  Convenient features like Just One Hand® operation allows you to steer with one hand, freeing the other hand to adjust the chute direction without stopping.
Price: $699.99

Storm™ 2620 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2620 Snow Thrower

The Storm 2620 two-stage snow thrower is designed to deliver added power and greater clearing width. Just One Hand® operation lets you guide the two-stage snow thrower with one hand, freeing the other hand to adjust the chute direction without stopping. And with a wide 26" clearing width, your drive will be clear in no time.
Price: $759.99

Storm™ 2625 Snow Thrower Storm™ 2625 Snow Thrower

NEW for 2014-15!  As unpredictable as Mother Nature can be, the Storm 2625 two-stage snow thrower from Troy-Bilt is up for the challenge.  Powered by a dependable 243cc* Troy-Bilt engine, the Storm 2625 cuts into drifts with patented Xtreme™ augers, breaking up tightly packed snow before discharging it through an extended, clog-resistant chute.  Other features of the two-stage snow thrower include Just One Hand® operation, 200 degree chute rotation and an in-dash headlight for added visibility while clearing your driveway in the darker hours.
Price: $799.99