MTD: For a Growing World.

The TurfMutt program is a science-based curriculum for K-5 grade levels across the United States. In 2010, the TurfMutt program joined with OPEI's Education and Research Foundation to teach K-5 grade levels the science behind the value of green spaces.

The 'face' of the TurfMutt youth curriculum is a real rescue dog named Lucky who is the 'spokesdog' for this important program. Lucky turns into TurfMutt, a caped crusader who champions creating and caring for green spaces in a responsible way.

Through the TurfMutt program, teachers can bring the science of growing lawns and landscapes to students through lesson plans, hands-on activities, puzzles, videos, interactive maps while providing students the opportunity to get outdoors and explore the world around them. Students learn why yards, parks, forests and other green spaces are so beneficial for us and the environment, while encouraging them to become better environmental stewards.

Spread the word about the value of lawns and landscapes in your community. MTD is asking for your help to share a FREE, digital science curriculum with your school and elementary teachers. We also encourage you and your family to enjoy TurfMutt's escapades at and 'like' TurfMutt on Facebook. Join the growing TurfMutt community where you'll find news and information on backyard fun, gardening and family activities.