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Americans are creating outdoor spaces to enjoy good times with family and friends. People power up to keep their property in beautiful shape. That’s why it’s important to be safe when using any type of outdoor power equipment. Whether you are a new or existing owner, it’s vital that you know and review the safety rules for the equipment you’re using at the beginning of each season.

Lawn Mower Safety

Americans enjoy their backyards and good times with the family and friends. From lawn mowers to weed trimmers, people power up to keep their lawns in beautiful shape. That's why it's vital people know the rules of their lawn - how to use outdoor power equipment responsibly, especially riding lawn mowers.

Snow Thrower Safety

MTD Products wants you and your family to be safe using snow throwers. New and existing owners of snow throwers realize how this piece of powered equipment can assist in rapid snow removal. You and your family should review our safe snow throwing suggestions at the beginning of each snow season.