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Diagnose & Troubleshoot Lawn Tractors

Select one of the symptoms below to find possible causes and common solutions

Common Symptoms:

Engine will not crank

Possible Causes Corrective Actions

1Safety switch button not depressed

Be sure deck is disengaged all the way, parking brake is engaged and operator is sitting on the seat.

Battery is installed incorrectly

The battery must be installed with negative terminal attached to black ground wire. Negative is identified by "NEG" "N" or "-" The positive terminal "POS" "P" or "+" must be attached to the big red wire which goes to the solenoid. Charge battery fully before installing.

Battery is weak or dead

Check fluid level in battery. If fluid is low, fill to just below split rings with water. Charge battery fully.

Blown fuse

Replace with an automotive type fuse. Check for loose connections in fuse box, bare wires, and pinched wires.

Loose engine ground wire

Engine should have a black ground wire running from engine to frame or mounting bolt.