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How to Give Your Summer Landscape a Quick Makeover

Whether you're selling your home or just want to freshen its look, a quick landscape makeover is a great way to boost its curb appeal.  Read on to learn about small landscape improvements that make a big difference.


Before you begin, snap a photo of your yard.  This is a fun way to compare the pre- and post-makeover looks of your landscape.


Improve your landscape with clean lines


Creating clean lines is an essential part of any landscape makeover.  Start by trimming your hedges to give them a perfectly manicured look.  Using a lightweight hedgetrimmer, like one of MTD's Remington Hedge Trimmers, will make the job easier and help your create the cleanest lines.


Then, remove any debris - including hedge trimmings, rocks, sticks, toys and any other clutter - from your landscape.  In addition to making it look tidier, picking up around your lawn will help prevent your mower from flinging objects and potentially causing injury while you're cutting your grass.  Giving your lawn a crisp, even cut si one of the quickest and most noticeable landscape improvements you can make.  Before you begin, make sure your mower blades are sharp and the deck is level and set to the proper height. 


Next, turn your attention to your planting beds.  They house the flowers and greenery that make your yard pop, so they should be a central focus of your landscape makeover.  First, make sure they have clearly defined borders.  This will go a long way in helping you achieve a clean look.  You can create well-defined edges by bordering your beds with landscaping stones.  Or, you can use an edging tool to dig trenches around your beds.


After you've defined the borders of your planting beds, freshen them by turning the soil, adding topsoil or laying new mulch.  If your are creating new beds, use and MTD garden tiller to cultivate the soil and prepare it for plating.  In addition to helping improve your landscape's appearance, freshening our beds can create a better growing environment for your plants.  Once you've spruced up your beds, use a string trimmer to clean up around their borders and the edges of the lawn.  To get the neatest rresults and prevent jams, make sure the strings and other lawn trimmer parts are in good condition.


To put the finishing touch on your improved landscape, place vibrant potted flowers outside your front door for a quick splash of color.  Then, compare the view to your pre-landscape makeover photo.

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