In 1921, a man named Arthur Mall opened a small power tool company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He started out building gasoline and electrically powered drills and saws, his customers appreciated the dependability of his tools. As word spread, the business grew, along with its reputation for quality workmanship.

As Remington® products became more popular, the company expanded, despite a world war and hard times at home. And, with the launch of the first Remington® chainsaw in 1954, Remington® introduced a durable design capable of handling even the demanding duties of loggers.

Expanding on the innovative tool designs, Remington® Power Tools released electric chainsaws and pole saws in the 1990’s. In recent years, we’ve added gas trimmers, cultivators, blowers, and three new chainsaw platforms to the Remington line of equipment.

While we continue to develop new ways to help our customers groom the great outdoors, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to engineering reliability. Our power tools are built to take on any yard task. And just like the first products sold a century ago, each tool built today is designed to be efficient and, durable and to deliver more than enough power for the job at hand.