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Diagnose & TroubleshootWood Chippers, Shredders & Vacuums

Select one of the symptoms below to find possible causes and common solutions for your MTD wood chipper, shredder or vacuum.

Common Symptoms:

Engine fails to start

Possible Causes Corrective Actions

1Throttle lever not in correct starting position

Move throttle lever to FAST or START position

Spark plug wire disconnected

Connect wire to spark plug

Choke not in CHOKE position (if equipped)

Move choke lever to CHOKE position (if equipped)

Fuel tank empty or stale fuel

Fill tank with clean, fresh gasoline

Engine not primed (if equipped)

Prime engine as instructed in your Engine Manual

Faulty spark plug

Clean, adjust gap, or replace spark plug

Engine flooded

Safety switch must be depressed by the front tab on the bag handle when securing the bag

Safety switch not depressed

Connect safety switch wire to engine connector and ground to mounting bracket

Safety switch wire is not connected to engine or not properly grounded

Wait a few minutes to restart, but do not prime