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How to clean out a clogged chute

WARNING! Never use your hands to clear a clogged snowblower chute assembly. Shut off the engine and remain behind handles until all moving parts have stopped before unclogging.

In most cases, the snowblower's chute snow clearing tool is conveniently fastened to the rear of the auger housing with a mounting clip.  Should ice and snow become lodged in the chute assembly during operation, follow these snowblower maintenance tips to safely clean the chute assembly and chute opening.

Purchase a chute clean-out tool

Step 1: Stop the snowblower's motion

Release both the Auger Control and the Drive Control.

Step 2: Turn off the engine

Stop the engine by removing the ignition key.

Step 3: Locate the snow clearing tool

Remove the snow clearing tool from the clip which secures it to the rear of the auger housing (location may vary by model).

Step 4: Start to Clean the Snowblower Chute

Use the shovel-shaped end of the clean-out tool to dislodge and scoop any snow and ice which has formed in and near the chute assembly.

Step 5: Replace the snow clearing tool

Refasten the tool to the mounting clip.   Reinsert the ignition key and start the snow thrower's engine.

Step 6: Finish cleaning the snowblower chute

While standing in the operator's position (behind the snow thrower), engage the auger control for a few seconds to clear any remaining snow and ice from the chute assembly.  If, during your work cleaning out the chute, you notice damage to parts such as the auger, drive or chassis, it may be time for replacement snow thrower parts.

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